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As one of America’s leading wholesale candle boxes and custom boxes partners, we help our customers get more quality and luxury candle boxes wholesale for less spending. We’d be delighted for the opportunity to work together and build a long-term partnership with you.


Candle Boxes


At Custom Packaging Aid Custom Candle Boxes are made of high-quality materials that ensure the safety and protection of your custom candles during shipping and storage. Custom Packaging Aid provides customizable candle boxes wholesale designs that allow businesses to create unique and attractive packaging solutions that reflect their brand and product offerings.

With fast turnaround times and affordable pricing, we are a reliable choice for businesses looking for high-quality customized and affordable candle packaging solutions for their wholesale candles boxes.

Embracing the Artistry of Candle Boxes

Candles, those delightful companions that fill our spaces with warmth and charm, hold a special spot in our hearts. If you’re someone who pours love into crafting candles or curates them for sale, you’re not just dealing in wax and wick; you’re creating moments of serenity, love, and self-reflection. But let’s talk about something often overlooked – the role of Custom Candle Boxes in elevating this entire experience. These boxes are more than packaging; they’re the guardians of your brand’s soul and the very first hello your candles extend.

The Spell of Customized Candle Boxes

Now, let’s get real about Custom Candle Packaging Boxes – they’re not just boxes; they’re storytellers. Picture this: they have this enchanting power to draw people in, to tell the tale of your brand, and to build a connection that lingers. Whether you’re all about scented wonders, crafting each candle with hands full of love, or curating an artisanal collection, these boxes stand as your canvases, waiting for you to paint an unforgettable picture of the candle experience.

In the world of candles, where each flicker narrates a unique story, let your Custom Candle Boxes be the storytellers of distinction and grace. Elevate your brand, capture the hearts of your audience, and let your candles embark on a journey that starts with a box but unfolds into an experience that lingers in the memory.

Specifications for Candle Boxes:


All Custom Sizes & Shapes


CMYK, PMS, No Printing

Paper Stock

10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock


100 – 500,000


Gloss, Matte, Spot UV

Default Process

Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation


Custom Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink, PVC Sheet.


Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request)

Turn Around Time

10-12 Business Days, Rush

SBS-C2S Cardboard Stock
Textured-Linen Stock
Natural Brown Kraft Stock
Brown Kraft
black kraft stock
Black Kraft
Rigid Stock
Rigid Stock
Corrugated Stock
Gold Foiling Stamping
Holographic Foiling
Spot UV
Gloss Lamination
Matte Lamination
Soft-Touch Lamination

Wholesale Custom Candle Boxes: Essence of Your Brand’s Radiance

Candles, from the ancient echoes of Chinese culture to the modern glow of today, have always been more than just wax and wick. They symbolize the guiding light along life’s journey and hold the spirit alive during those special moments. Crafted delicately, candles deserve packaging that not only preserves their essence but also adds a touch of elegance.

Here at Custom Packaging Aid, we believe each candle has its own story, and it deserves packaging that enhances its beauty. Our designed candle boxes, complete with delicate inserts, aim to express the femininity and grace tucked inside each candle. Recognizing the significance of product packaging, we strive to create boxes that not only protect but also elevate the entire candle experience. The more luxurious the candle boxes, adorned with eye-catching patterns, the more captivating your candles become in the market.

Why Choose Custom Candle Boxes for Shipping?

  1. A Personalized Presentation: Custom Candle Packaging offers a touch of tailored luxury. Picture a design that not only safeguards your candles but also mirrors their essence, turning each unboxing into a memorable experience.

  2. Branding That Illuminates: In a sea of candle varieties, branding becomes your beacon. Custom candle boxes become the silent storytellers for your brand, establishing recognition and trust among candle enthusiasts.

  3. Guarding Candle Integrity: Candles are delicate creations, and Luxury Candle Boxes are like their protective guardians, shielding them from dust, moisture, and damage, ensuring they reach your customers in pristine condition.

  4. Versatility and Style: The candle world is diverse, and so are our custom boxes. Whether you need luxury candle box for elegant pillars or sleek packaging for tea lights, we offer versatile solutions.

The Beauty of Custom Candle Boxes

We don’t just create custom candle boxes; we infuse them with creativity to make them stand out in the market. Our candle box is delicately designed, placing top priority on both the aesthetics and security of the candles they hold. We aim to provide boxes that are not just visually appealing but also offer a secure haven for your candles.

In a world where technical advances have lessened the need for candles, turning them into sentimental gifts, attractive custom-made candle packaging boxes are essential. Shiny materials and brilliant messaging on these boxes aim to leave a lasting impression on customers’ minds.

Quality Custom Printed Boxes: Designed to Impress with a Human Touch

Our creative team is more than just a bunch of designers; they’re real people ready to help conceptualize and produce high-quality custom candle boxes that tell your product’s unique story. As a leading candle packaging manufacturer, Custom Packaging Aid consistently delivers packaging boxes that not only showcase your product’s benefits but also distinguish it from competitors. Our custom-made candle packaging boxes have the power to transform curious shoppers into lifelong customers by triggering the right emotions.

Why Choose Us for Custom Candle Packaging Boxes?

Candles are more than products; they are experiences that symbolize relaxation, celebration, and connection. Our Candle Boxes are not just containers; they are storytellers of these experiences. At Custom Packaging Aid, we turn luxury candle boxes into an art form, where tradition meets innovation. Whether you’re a renowned candle brand or a boutique candle maker, our custom candle packaging boxes aim to elevate the candle experience.

Ready to embark on this journey of illumination and personalization? Connect with the real people at Custom Packaging Aid today. Let’s discuss your unique requirements, request a custom quote, and start designing candle boxes that set your brand aglow in the United States of America.

Illuminate your candle brand with the radiance of custom candle boxes—where every box tells a story, every candle creates an experience, and every moment is set aglow. Make a statement. Make an impression. Make it yours with us.

Hear it Straight from Brand Like Yours

Don’t let what we say influence you, take it from our candle boxes customers!
Kathy Tobin March 28, 2023

The custom candle packaging boxes from this company added a touch of sophistication to my candle products. The design process was seamless, and the final result exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended for those looking for top-notch packaging solutions.

Nadine Matthew March 22, 2023

I was impressed by the durability and style of the custom candle packaging boxes provided by Custom Packaging Aid. The boxes not only offered excellent protection for my delicate candles but also enhanced the overall visual appeal of my products. Exceptional quality and great customer service.

Chris Beasley October 04, 2022

The luxury custom candle packaging boxes perfectly captured the essence of my brand. The customization options allowed me to incorporate my brand's identity into the packaging, making my candles stand out on the shelves. A reliable and professional service that I would undoubtedly use again.

Carol Perez October 23, 2022

I appreciate the eco-friendly approach taken by this company in crafting their custom candle boxes. Not only did the boxes protect my candles during shipping, but they also showcased my commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. A fantastic option for those prioritizing eco-conscious packaging solutions.

Marc Bohemier July 18, 2022

The attention to detail in the candle boxes provided by this business was exceptional. From the intricate designs to the sturdy construction, every aspect of the packaging was meticulously crafted. I was thoroughly impressed with the overall quality and professionalism of the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have inquiries about custom boxes and customized packaging solutions? Below, you’ll find answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have additional queries, feel free to reach out to us via contact form.

Candle Boxes serve as powerful branding tools. They not only protect your candles but also convey your brand’s identity, messaging, and values, creating a cohesive brand experience.

While custom printed candle boxes with logo primarily focus on packaging, incorporating fragrance notes or descriptions can be a unique touch that enhances the sensory experience for customers.

Yes, we offer eco-friendly options for Custom Candle Boxes. You can choose recyclable or biodegradable materials to align with your brand’s sustainability goals.

Absolutely! Candle Boxes can be designed for seasonal collections, allowing you to create packaging that aligns with holidays, seasons, or special occasions.

Yes, you can request sample Custom Candle Boxes to assess the design, quality, and fit before placing a larger order. This ensures that you are satisfied with the final product.

Take your Custom Candle Boxes to New Heights with Custom Packaging Aid

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